Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Zach's Writing

Week 33 the flash of lightning i saw…

Visions and voices

In the Denmark Strait, the research ship Ocean Discovery was near the wreck of D.K.M Bismarck.
They anchored and began their research. Four days later they encountered a storm. There were waves up to five meters in height. The whitecaps smashed and crashed against the side of the ship pushing it towards the wreck of H.M.S Hood. The captain ordered, “Hard to starboard!”
The ship lurched to starboard.
“Sir, the steering is locked to starboard.”
“Port anchor down!”
Then suddenly in the flash of lightning I saw a splash,and there was the Bismarck all ghostly and white. Then a whoosh and a crumble and sure enough, Hood was on the horizon.
That was when I realized I was witnessing the Battle of Denmark Strait all over again.

Week 32 - The burger thief
Vancouver Canada: McDonald’s barge restaurant in the fair of transportation.
The day went quickly and soon night fell. When the employees returned in the morning they were shocked to find that over fifty burgers had vanished in the night. This went on for two weeks; each night ten more burgers were gone.
McDonald's was getting curious so they put security guards in different places.
That night one of the security guards saw two hands appear out of nowhere and grab a burger. The guard raised the alarm.
Then the barge started to creak and groan. The guards ran for their lives. Then suddenly the barge cracked in half and sank. The guards lived.

Week 30-...I just couldn’t eat something so….

The fridge

Monday morning the sky was blue. After playing for half an hour I decided to find something to eat. So I looked in the fridge. There were a lot of different types of food. After two sandwiches I was so full that I just couldn’t eat something so I went and and sat down to think.
Then it dawned on me - I could play with my new puzzle.
After four hours I was finished and it was finally movie time.
“Phew,” I thought to myself. I’m glad thats over.
Finally it was time for teeth, shower, pyjamas and bed.

Week 29 - ...the slime dripped through…

The pipes under New York …
140 meters below sea level near the Empire State Building workers were investigating a shortage of water to a neighbourhood in Brooklyn.
There was no problem at the reservoir so the problem must be in the pipes. So they sent workers to find out what was happening down there.
The next day underground : when the workers found the pipe they saw the leak. It was horrible. The workers gasped as the the slime dripped through the hole in the pipe.

it was so huge that the only way to fix it was to destroy the pipe completely.