Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Theo's Writing

Week #34 (19)

It looked just like a glass of water. Nothing about it was abnormal, It had been just sitting there with no thought, feelings, sight or any sentiance at all. I felt my thirst levels rising by the minute. I couldn't resist it any longer. I took a sip from the cup. Suddenly i was transported into my own mind.In my mind I saw myself using my head as a football and kicking  it over a hoop. My head was saying, “Mustard on my turnips pleeeease! I couldnt believe how dumb and idiotic it looked.This is really really weird.

Bella's Writing

Week #34 (19)

It should have looked like a glass of lemonade but instead it looked just like a glass of water. I walked up to the glass, I eagerly peered over the top to see what was inside. The sides of the cup were pitch black and shiny. The inside of the glass contained something yellowish. I wondered if I should maybe try some? I gripped the cup in my hand. The cup was nearly up to my mouth. I took one last look at the contents and drank it all up. I swished it around and around, it tasted just like…...

Emel's Writing

Week #34  (19)

The table shuddered, and the glass of mysterious liquid danced with it. I stared, looking for answers to my questions. I decided to use my senses, suddenly the TV flashed on, my head rotated to the direction of the big screen, my mouth gaped open, poisonous liquid not to be tasted, touched or smelled. I stared, the screen went blank again, tingles traveled down my spine, my eyes were fixed. I was motionless, my stomach began to gurgle, I concentrated on the glass for the last time. My eyes fluttered shut, I hesitated, I tasted, touched, and smelled, no!

Claire's Writing

Week #34 (19)

“Mum! Dad, where are you?” I called as I opened the door to our little cottage in the woods. I cautiously walked into the living room, it felt strange without the happy laughter of my Mum and Dad. I lowered my self on a couch, like an old lady needing some help. Once I sat down I spotted a glass of water on a nearby table. It looked like a glass of water I suppose. Slowly I walked towards it, like gravity was just pulling me there on purpose! My mouth became dry and needing water. So I drank it . . .

Nathan's Writing

Week #34 (19)

It was water to some, others it was sacred, yet I saw the truth. Long nights were sacrificed in the name of discovery, until I could never stop experimenting on it.
I just couldn’t take it, my sanity slipped at every waking moment yet I knew it was my destiny. My affinity for curiosity overwhelmed me and I drank. Not much longer I felt my head about to explode with searing pain, it seems illusions were being weaving into my body, I realised that mercury had been concealed cleverly inside it. Thump! I was helpless and bruised, my heart stopped...

Morgan's Writing

Week #34 (19)

It looked like water. In fact, it looked just like it. But it was not water, according to everyone that drank it. As a matter of fact everyone who drank it was never seen again. But I am stupid, and so I drank it. I drank all of it. All of a sudden I felt funny. Then everything went black. So black that I could not see. It was now I agreed with those people that this was not water at all. In fact, now I knew what it was. It was H2O2. Liquid poison. Instant death to any human.

Rita's Writing

Week #34 (19)

It just couldn't be a normal glass of water. Something just wasn't right. The water seemed to swirl around and around, like it was a magic portal ready to take me to Aladdin! As I picked it up, the room felt cold, as if it has been dipped into an icy glacier. It wouldn't hurt, I thought, and I just drank a tiny sip of water. It was delicious, so I drank more and more. I realised that every sip I took, the more faded I would become. I felt lightheaded, as I drifted off to the ceiling. What’s happening? . . .