Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Zach's Writing

Week 33 the flash of lightning i saw…

Visions and voices

In the Denmark Strait, the research ship Ocean Discovery was near the wreck of D.K.M Bismarck.
They anchored and began their research. Four days later they encountered a storm. There were waves up to five meters in height. The whitecaps smashed and crashed against the side of the ship pushing it towards the wreck of H.M.S Hood. The captain ordered, “Hard to starboard!”
The ship lurched to starboard.
“Sir, the steering is locked to starboard.”
“Port anchor down!”
Then suddenly in the flash of lightning I saw a splash,and there was the Bismarck all ghostly and white. Then a whoosh and a crumble and sure enough, Hood was on the horizon.
That was when I realized I was witnessing the Battle of Denmark Strait all over again.

Week 32 - The burger thief
Vancouver Canada: McDonald’s barge restaurant in the fair of transportation.
The day went quickly and soon night fell. When the employees returned in the morning they were shocked to find that over fifty burgers had vanished in the night. This went on for two weeks; each night ten more burgers were gone.
McDonald's was getting curious so they put security guards in different places.
That night one of the security guards saw two hands appear out of nowhere and grab a burger. The guard raised the alarm.
Then the barge started to creak and groan. The guards ran for their lives. Then suddenly the barge cracked in half and sank. The guards lived.

Week 30-...I just couldn’t eat something so….

The fridge

Monday morning the sky was blue. After playing for half an hour I decided to find something to eat. So I looked in the fridge. There were a lot of different types of food. After two sandwiches I was so full that I just couldn’t eat something so I went and and sat down to think.
Then it dawned on me - I could play with my new puzzle.
After four hours I was finished and it was finally movie time.
“Phew,” I thought to myself. I’m glad thats over.
Finally it was time for teeth, shower, pyjamas and bed.

Week 29 - ...the slime dripped through…

The pipes under New York …
140 meters below sea level near the Empire State Building workers were investigating a shortage of water to a neighbourhood in Brooklyn.
There was no problem at the reservoir so the problem must be in the pipes. So they sent workers to find out what was happening down there.
The next day underground : when the workers found the pipe they saw the leak. It was horrible. The workers gasped as the the slime dripped through the hole in the pipe.

it was so huge that the only way to fix it was to destroy the pipe completely.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Jamie's Writing

Week 31- wide, orange, crocodile, collapse
Staring at the wide horrible jaws of the beast I wish that I hadn’t come into the school. The vampire or at least I think it’s a vampire pull’s my neck closer and sinks it’s teeth into my flesh...
Jane isn’t your normal type of schoolgirl she is a demon slayer and today she is fighting off the demon hordes in the sewers with an orange and a toy crocodile. She is unstoppable; throwing the orange, whacking monsters with her toy crocodile, oh, and did I mention she looks hella good in high heels? Vamps beware!
She throws a shoe at the last vamp and misses. It hits the wall and cracks spread.

Then the wall collapses, bringing the sewers with it...

Week 28-Alison Laxon

The man turned from the burning wreckage and vowed to destroy the ruler whether it killed him or not. He turned and headed towards the derelict building where the shot had come from. He turned from the door and jumped up to the window. The windowsill crumbled under his feet but he continued climbing regardless of the crumbling wall he was on. Panting he reached the top and slipped down through the trapdoor into the sniper room but there was no sniper. “Swotch” He turned as two men walked out of the wall pulling out their guns blood splattered everywhere.

Week 27-hard, beautiful, brown, worried, camera
The hard, rough face of the man looks out over the ruined city then turns and looks back at his beautiful wife. Her luscious brown hair flows behind her as her worried face looks back at him. Then she walks away.

He quickly pulls out his camera, snaps one last shot before she gets into the van and drives out of the war-torn city in search 0f the fabled land of gold. A tear trickles down the man’s war hardened face as he watches the glint of the gun as the ruler’s despicable snipers blow up the man’s only love.

Week 26-...but how could something so tiny...

“But how could something so tiny cause so much destruction?” the officer asked.
“I don’t know. Please listen”
“No I’ve heard enough you don’t know what your talking about”
“No, no, it’ll just come back”

But the officer wasn’t listening anymore. He hopped into his van and drove away. That’s when I noticed it. The small bug spat into the exhaust pipe and the van blew up killing more than half the police force in the city. I remembered that very bug from the time it blew up the city block killing my family and more than 100 other people.

Week 25 - that is why I am always last....

Why am I always last? Whenever I race people I'm always last.
No matter how fast I run, no matter how hard I train I always seem to lose. I´m lowest of the low! I don't get it! I´m one of the fastest in my class! I run fast yet halfway through I suddenly fall down panting. I get in front of everyone else then suddenly I’m slowing and the rest of the class are in front of me. I don't understand?
Wait! I remember learning about something on this topic; now, what was it? Oh yeah, I remember: you should run slowly at first and then start speeding up so that you don't lose your breath.
Ahh so thatÅ› why I'm always last.

Finn's Writing

Week 28

Wispy spider webs tangled in my salt and pepper hair. My face is pale is pale and clammy, covered in sticky sweat and cobwebs.
Kneeling, panting I turn around looking down the black corridor.
Screams bounce around the pale stone walls adding a bonus shiver to my spine. The walls tremble unable to contain the weight of the ferocious beasts storming  inside the mysterious museum walls. Wreaked museum exhibits were strewn across the long wooden planks threatening to break.
Suddenly a hand pushed me into my rough walls.
A shivering sensation crept over me and the world went pitch black.

Week 27 Hard brown beautiful worried camera
I stare at the brown, ancient photo of the first school class. As I peer closer I see that all the children had worried and frightened faces. I wonder what had happened. Suddenly a shocking sound appears that sounds suspiciously like a camera. I feel black.
As I  wake up I land on a soft patch of lush, soft grass. The world around me is beautiful; golden houses glinting in the blaring sun. This is utter paradise. Men and woman jump into cool refreshing pools.
I stand up. Strength courses through me as I jump into this new unexplored world.

Week 26 how could something be so tiny
Whumth! I stumbled over as bad Brad pointed and chortled loudly at me.
“Still engrossed in your stupid little speck,” he said as he dribbles all over me.
“Hey, be careful Brad. There are people on this speck of dust.”
He punched me and walked away laughing.
I lay down on the hard concrete floor blood pouring from my nose. I really wished I wasn’t such a geek.
At home I flumped down on my bed. I stared at the speck. How could something so tiny be alive ? Suddenly a voice said, “Hey, you finally started paying attention to us.”

Week 25 that is why I am always last…

Being the worst kid at sport at school is something you don’t want to happen to you. You’re always last at any sport you participate in. For example at swimming sports I signed up for 200m breastroke, thinking it was my best stroke.
I jumped into the pool and started swimming as fast as I could. My arms strained as people swam past me going the other way. Yes I must be winning! I finally got to the end thinking I’d won. Suddenly I heard people laughing and  mocking me, no not again. It felt like the whole world was laughing at me. I really hated having my special condition. So that is why I am always last.


Hudson's Writing

Week 28
Invisible Walls
The old man looks down at his grandson, tucking him in for his bedtime.
“Can you tell a bedtime story” said the young child.
The old, wrinkly man had no choice but to say yes.
“Once upon a time there was a young girl walking with her older brother. They were walking though a famous wall in Rome. It was the wall of fame. Invisibles walls all around the room There was one wall that you could go in, but not come out. 30 famous deaths was found there. The girl and her brother wanted to be heroes, so they investigated. Their parents were standing for hours, calling their names, tears forming in their eyes.
“The end” said the man.
Tears were welling in the 8 year old eyes. The boy never slept for the rest of his life. Nor he would touch any walls or doors.
Just incase

Week 27 Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera

I, the brown, bear storm around the cage, trying to break a way out. I try to smash through the window, push myself up a tree to break through a door. I am extremely embarrassed with the cameras flashing at me nonstop. There is no way out. Something I wouldn’t do is give up. No one dies giving up. I run around, hoping for a miracle to happen. 2 more minutes until my beautiful sow goes away, leaving me to face death. 2 minutes turn to dust as she exits away from me. I was worried. This will be hard.

Week 25 That is why I’m always Last

I’m always the slowest, I’m always last, I never win, I’m just not fast.
Running around getting tagged, I’m always the one getting mad.
Sitting down, head buried into my book, I sure do love to read.
Playing football on the field is nothing to do with me.
Cross-Country comes, everyone looking forward to it but one guy, me.
The race begins. People zoom off in the distance but one guy, me.

Well, one good thing has happened, I snuck my adventurous book up my shirt.
I read, and walk, towards the finish. So that is why I’m always last.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Cooper's Writing

Week 33 ...In the flash of lightning I saw

The ugly barbie

One day I was walking in the forest. For some reason I saw a flash of lightning. In the flash of lightning I saw a… giant ugly Barbie!! {or just your everyday giant ugly (kind of) barbie}.
“Run,” it said.
So I ran. I looked behind me and its face turned really ugly. I ran into a nearby cabin and it turns out that it had an underground bunker but, who cares? It’s just a really rare underground bunker with an unlimited supply of McDonald things. Suddenly the roof crashed down on me. Then the ugly barbie picked me up and started eating me.

Week 32 Picture Prompt

Mcdonalds Burger Come Here!!!!!

“I am so Hungry!! Can I please go to McDonalds and buy a cheeseBurger????”
I asked my mum kind of kindly.
“Oh all right”she said. “Here’s $5.00 to buy a big/small mac at McDonald's.”
I snatched the money out of her hand and ran to McDonald's.  There were squished burgers everywhere. I ordered a big mac and the employee threw one at me. It bounced off my hands and wrapped around a dog’s collar. It ran into a park so I chased it. Suddenly a man threw paper mache at my arms. The dog ran through a piece of paper and I used my hands to grab the burger through the paper.

``Week 30
… I just couldn’t eat something so ...

Five Nights at Freddy’s

One day I was walking along the abandoned highway when I saw a sign.
It said: Come to FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy’s) Eatery!!!!
I said to myself “Sure, why not?”.
So I went inside the building.
“Sweet!! There’s a lambo!!! Eureka!!! I’ve found a Lambo!! And there’s the keys!!”
Suddenly I heard something:
”Eat It” It said.
“But I can’t eat something so… so expensive and amazing” I said.
Well of course I just couldn’t eat something so valuable. Suddenly chica came out.
“Would you like anything?” It said
“No” I said.
“Then you don’t belong here.” It said...

Week 29 ….The slime dripped through...

The Slime Chest

“It’s alive it’s alive!!!!!!!” Said the evil mad scientist.
Suddenly a gooey slime monster crawled off the desk.
“I want the slime bomb chest” It bellowed. “What the?” said the dorky scientist.
Then the gooey sensation started to run.
Meanwhile next door a small six year old was staring out of his window. He saw the slime.
“I wonder who boom boomed that out?” he said. “I want to chase it.”
The little boy started running towards the door of his house, opened it and followed the slime. The slime went back to his house and the boy followed. The slime dripped through the chest and… “Boom!!!!!!!!!!!” he blew up.

Dr Junkenstein and the seven trees of life

It was one gloomy day in an old castle. Dr Junkenstein was working on his latest invention: The Junkentranzformer!!!!
His machine could transform from a jet to a giant. But his allies were so dumb he had to do it himself. The ‘trees of light’ were what kept the world fair but Dr Junkenstein wanted the world to himself. So he set off on his journey.
The first stop was in America. When he went to America he saw Donald Trump but Dr Junkenstein easily trampled the tree and Donald Trump.
Next it was canada but he easily got to trample the tree in their country along with New Zealand, China, Australia, Brazil, England.
finally he was at the last country: Egypt.
“This is going to be easy” he thought.
Nearby there was the U.S army guarding the tree. Suddenly the ground collapsed beneath Dr Junkenstein and his robot. But the hole was so big that Dr Junkenstein got killed.

By Cooper.

Week 23 - gingerly, yellow, remarkable, discovered, however

Don't Believe What You See.

That yellow house. I always knew something was up with it.
“One step. Two steaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhh.”
I fell down down into a sinkhole. Or at least what I thought was a sinkhole. That yellow chicken had been following me all day! It was big and remarkable. Then I saw another and another and another again. Then a pathetically built pathway. I gingerly walked down the pathway until I was at a dead end. In front of me was a strange portal. Wait - shouldn't I be excited about how I discovered a portal? Nah I don't feel it.
Suddenly I felt a chomp in my head. I could see for a few seconds and I could see… humans! Wait: they were cannibals.

By Cooper.

Week 22 Laughter

Horrors of the Clown House

I was in front of a house. Should I go in or wait?
“Go in,” I thought to myself.
I went up the steps to the door. For some stupid reason I knocked on the door. The door came open. I walked inside. The door shut. There were two doors. One said clown house and the other one said temple door. I hate clowns so I went through the temple door.
“Wrong door.” I heard a clown say.
Suddenly a jack in the box appeared so I decided to spin it round. Then out popped a clown with a machine gun.
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” It said while shooting me.

By Cooper

Week 21 - ….suddenly the lights went out…..

The Black-Out Chicken

I was all alone in a strange cabin with nothing but dim lights. I was running low on resources. The cabin made strange noises whenever I made movement. Even the tiniest of movements made a sudden creak.

Suddenly all the lights when out.

Nothing happened. Nothing but the creaks of the cabin.
Then the lights came back on and a chicken was mysteriously standing on the ground staring at me.
“Cluck!” It said.
I licked my lips and smiled.
“What a perfect treat on a dark stormy night.”
I began sneaking up to the chicken but on the first step “creak!”
The chicken start running up to me then “chomp!” It bit my head off!

By Cooper

Jonas's Writing

Week 33 ...In a flash of lightning I saw…

The One and Only Bigfoot

It was one stormy night. Lightning filled the night sky. I had to go and hunt for some deer for our family. I set out into the woods with my sniper gun and started to look and listen for the deer. Finally, I found one. I walked stealthily closer to it. I shot the bullet, but unfortunately the deer  pranced and jumped just over it. I walked deeper into the dark and gloomy forest.

Suddenly I saw a black figure standing in front of a tree. I walked over and took a closer look. They figure turned around and looked at me. In the flash of lightning I saw Bigfoot? Then he grabbed my neck...

Week 32 - The Tasty, Yummy and Big Burger

“What time is it? 12:00” I said hungrily.
My tummy was rumbling loudly as ever. I quickly drove to Mcdonald’s.
“Hello, sir. Ummmm can I have a Big Mac, a quarter pounder, a Coke, 2 large fries, 2 large Mcflurries and 2 coffees?"                                         
“Okay, here’s your receipt. That will be $28.54”.    
I finished my meal but I was still hungry. I ordered a Big Mac a Mcflurry and 1 large coke. I ate the Big Mac and the Mcflurry and I drunk half of the coke. I suddenly felt sick and kept on walking to the car.
“Uhhhhhhh, don’t feel so good.”
CRASH, BANG, SMASH! I opened the car door and fell to the ground, I suddenly felt hands grabbing onto my body and pulling me into the ground...

Week 30 … I just couldn’t eat something so…

                                                              The worst food that ever existed.

“Uhhh finally” Sam said loudly. It was the end of school and it was Friday. We get to go out for dinner on Fridays.
When I got home, I asked my mom, “Where are we going for dinner”?
“W-w-well, we’re eating at home” she said sadly.
“WHAT! B-b-b-but you said that we would go out for dinner!”
“Well this time, we’re not,” she said madly.
“Why?" I asked.
“Your big sister is going to netball at 6:00 and it’s 5:34 now. So hurry up and eat”
“WOW” I said while rolling my eyes at mum.
I went to the dinner table and ate.
“EWWWWWW  I shouted loudly “What is this food?"
This is the worst food that ever existed! It’s so bad that it smelt and tasted like vomit. I couldn’t even bare to look or smell the food. I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting. So, I  went upstairs and vomited...

Week 29… the slime dripped through…
My own slime experiment

It was one hot and boring day. There was literally nothing to do at home. So, I went on Youtube and watched some videos.
“WOW! Making slime by yourself? Yeah! Why not” I shouted out loud.
7 minutes later I was making the slime and working as fast at the speed of light. I was so excited about finishing. 5 minutes later I held up the finished blob of gooey slime. I played with it and then I started to throw it at a wall and pick it up. I accidently threw it at a light switch and saw the gooey slime dripping through the books and shelves on the wall. Then the lights went out and I screamed and shouted...

Week 24                                                                                                              
 The boy and the tree

One hot day, there was a boy at home with his parents and his sister. He was playing on his computer. Suddenly, the computer had no more power. So he went outside to play.
“What the?”
The boy saw a brown, mouldy tree that he had never seen before! He rested under the tree since it was so hot.
One day it was the hottest of the hottest day and the boy wanted his parents to come with him to the tree and they did. When he was at the tree it wasn’t there. Suddenly, the boy and his parents got murdered and from that day on the police were on a big case.

By Jonas

Week 23 gingerly, yellow, however, remarkable, discovered

I was at school alone. All my friends were gone and all the adults were also gone.
“How did I end up here I?” asked myself.
“Ehh” we’ll worry about that later.
Right at the corner of my eye I discovered a bright remarkable block of gold. I gingerly walked over to the block of gold and carefully picked it up.  
“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I groaned.
The gold was really heavy. However, I walked back home and then suddenly, I woke up. It was all a dream.

By Jonas Hui.

Week 22 Laughter

The clowns

I was alone in my house. My parents were on vacation at Fiji. They said that they were away for 5 weeks. I got the remote and turned on the TV. “Boo”!  
“Ahhh”! I shouted out loud and turned the volume even more higher up.
Then I asked ‘hello’? Then there was a moment of awkward silence. I continued watching TV. After 6 hours of watching TV, I went upstairs to sleep for a bit. 2 hours later I got some snacks to eat.
“Boo”! I heard the same kind of sound.
“Ha ha ha ha ha”! Then some clowns were looking at me with rocket launchers.
“Surprise” they all said.

By Jonas