Sunday, 29 April 2018

Harrison's Writing

Week 33:

Once upon a time in  the United Kingdom there was a durian tree outside Buckingham Palace.
When tourists came by they shouted “What is that smell?!”
One day a man who came and saw the durian tree and said SUPPER TIME,”
Then he bit into the durian and he chipped his tooth …
“OUCH! That hurts!” he screeched.
His yell caught attention of the Queen and she said
“What have you done to my durian tree?”

It was later found out that the man was actually a North Korean citizen
that looked like a British citizen.Then he was imprisoned.

Week 32: …but I didn’t understand the instructions…

It was a sunny day in town and some sheep bought ice-cream.
Nearby was a school that was practicing their skills to make paper airplanes
and the teacher went cross  and said, “This is not a paper airplane.”
“But I didn’t understand the instructions,” the child stammered.
Then another child said, “Look, there are some sheep with ice-cream!”
“SILENCE!” yelled the teacher.
But the children didn’t listen.
After an hour of screeching and disturbing racket an immense boy
who was very lackadaisical said,”I am invincible!”
Then a phenomenon happened … a volcano eruption!

Then someone said “What a phenomenon!”

Week 31: Night ZooKeeper:Can you invent a magical animal
that could live in the pink lake or animal hospital and tell us all about them?

There was a magical land underwater off the coast of Sao Tome and Principe
where a  magical flock of sheep lived in a pink crater lake underwater .
The sheep were made of sebum powder and their only diet was pad thai noodles.
The people of Sao Tome and Principe hunted them after they discovered them .
There were millions of these sheep and they went a shade of pink when they swam in  the lake.
They lived in the Atlantic Ocean.

When storms came they hid in the lake for safety and shelter.  
Years later they would eventually become completely extinct.

Week 30: …..”when did it arrive?” I said
It was a creepy night and there were murderers that were hiding, holding  knives,
waiting for someone to walk past so they could throw knives into them.
I was watching  from far away. Then octogenarians walked past and the murderers threw knives at them.
But they jumped away.
The knives bounced off a mirror.
The murderers got  knives inside their necks and fell down dead.
The octogenarians saw me and said they knew about the murderers
and the murderers purchased knives by post one by one but they got the parcel full of knives .

“When did it arrive?’’ I said.

Week 29 shouted, grave, crimson, frantically, misty

It was a misty night and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg
and Gotha was going to bed unaware of what would happen the next day.

Lord George Hanover visited the country the next day.
There was a thunderstorm.
A gunfire was heard and it was a murderer.
And then they went to the foyer and Albert shouted,
‘Hey! Put down that gun.”
But then he fired the gun and it hit Hanover in the neck.
Crimson blood spurted out of his neck. Albert ran around frantically but was shot.
When Victoria came home she immediately made a grave for them.

Kingston's Writing

Once upon a time there was a durian and he was very naughty.  
Once, when his parents were sleeping he woke up and started to make trouble.
He went to the kingdom of Stautpart,
stole the king and queen’s crown and jewellery and ran away.
When he got home he started to dig a hole for it.
Then he ran away and got more precious stuff.
Soon, he couldn’t  think of what else he could steal.
When his parents woke up they thought that their child had got kidnapped
so they called the durian police but the durian police were already catching him.

When they caught him and he returned home
he gave back all the precious stuff.

Week 32: …but I didn’t understand the instructions…

The Portal

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Max.
Max had a portal and his dad said if he went through the portal
he could get stuck in another dimension.
A couple of days later Max forgot what his dad had said about the portal.
When Max asked his dad he said “Too bad Max.’’
“But I didn’t understand the instructions,” said Max.
The next night he woke up and accidentally stumbled into the portal.
Max had made a big mistake.
He saw aliens, monsters and lots of space junk.
A couple of days later he found the portal that returned home.

Now, Max’s dad has learned a lesson to listen to Max.

Week 31: Night ZooKeeper:Can you invent a magical animal
that could live in the pink lake or animal hospital and tell us all about them?

The  Leaporsche

The Leaporsche is a Leopard and it can turn into a Porsche. His name is Rainy.
Rainy lives round a pink lake. Rainy only eats one type of food and that is a magical frog that lives in the pink lake.
Rainy is the last kind of Leaporsche in the whole whole entire world. Rainy sometimes gets scared.
The magical frogs goes and hides in the magical frog house which only magical frogs can get into the house.
The only way that Rainy can catch the frogs is by turning into the Porsche and  attacking the frogs from the side.

Week 30: …..”when did it arrive?” I said

The box
It was an afternoon and there was a boy called Kingston.( I am Kingston).
I was just getting home from school when there was a box in my backyard.
“When did it arrive?” I said to my dad.

I picked up the box and brought it inside with my Dad.
We opened the box with a knife and a fluffy creature jumped out and started trying to eat my cat.
The fluffy creature ran and ate the dinner table. Then it ate my TV from my lounge.
Soon, me and my dad got the exterminators to come to my house and get the fluffy creature.

Week 29: shouted, grave, crimson, frantically.misty

It was a dark, scary, mysterious night. A boy was awake.

He was no ordinary boy. He lived in a cottage. His name was Nathan.There was a crime scene happening while Nathan just woke up. Nathan rolled out of bed and now he was falling outside. Doof! He ran all the way into the cottage where the bank was. He saw a hole in the window and jumped in. Frantically in the misty fog shouted a mad man wearing crimson. It was a robber. He ran away shouting in a grave voice. He started dropping money from his pockets. A couple of days later he got caught red handed. It was all because of Nathan.

Sophie's Writing

The Spiky Durian
One day there was a little girl called Leana.
She was walking through Durian Forest and she had her camping things.
She walked and walked until she found the perfect spot to camp.
Then she got everything ready.
Once she had finished Leana thought she could have a walk
so she packed a bag of food.
When she had finished packing Leana walked into the forest.
Suddenly a storm came pouring in.
“OH NO!” Leana cried as she started to run back to her tent.
But some of the Durians dropped onto her head
and all the gooey slime ran down her face.
When she got to her tent she washed off somehow and went to sleep.   

Week 32: …but I didn’t understand the instructions…

The confusing puzzle

“Hello BeBe” said Sophia.
“Hi Sophia” replied BeBe.
She and Sophia went to ask BeBe’s mom if they could go to Puzzle- world.
“I think you should ask your mom Sophia. OK?” answered BeBe’s mom.
“Sure” Sophia replied.
Almost straight away she ran to find her mom at the end of the street.
It didn’t take long because she is really fast!
“She said yes!” Sophia panted.
“Yay!” cried BeBe.
Once they got there Sophia choose one and the operator told her the instructions.
“But I don’t understand the instructions!” she cried.

“Here I’ll do it!” BeBe said and very quickly did it but then it was time to go home.  

Week 29: shouted, grave, crimson, frantically, misty

Once there was a little girl called Rosa who loved to do gymnastics!
One day Rosa was in her gym club Trystar practising for a competition the next day. When she got home she had a grave look on her face.
“What’s wrong Rosa?” her mum asked.
“I’m not okay!” she shouted turning a kind of crimson colour.
Then she ran up into her room.  When she was there she found out that it was very misty! So she frantically rushed to turn on her fan. Once the mist had gone away it was time for bed.

Then the next day it was the comp and at the end Rosa came first!

Crystal's Writing

Week 33:

The secret of the durian fruit
One spring day Lily went on a trip to durian forest to see
if the durian fruits had finished growing.
When she arrived the fruits were the colour of grassy green;
it meant they were ripe.

She was only five, so she jumped up and down in her little green flats
and reached as high as she could trying not to fall of the land and into the pond.
Suddenly Lily’s curly blonde ponytail dipped in the water followed by her body.
She quickly swam back to the shore for air.
Her green dress was dripping wet and her sparkly blue eyes faded darker.
"Where is my green watch?!” cried Lily.
She hid back the tears and dived back in the water.
There at the bottom was the ripe durian fruit and her watch.
After picking both up she swam to the surface and
jumped out and skipped back home happily.   

Week 32: …but I didn’t understand the instructions…

The lego puzzle from MeMe

“Thanks MeMe!”I said
“You’re welcome!”answered MeMe in her kawaii voice.
MeMe was a kitty-dog: she had four ears, two cat ears at the top and dog ears under the cat ears. she was white all over and she has blue at the end of each ear.
Her paws are blue-white she even has a puffy cat tail which is white.
Her eyes were sapphire blue with blue diamonds on her cheeks.
Me, Meena, on the other hand was a royal guard.
I had two buns, my hair was black and my eyes were red.
I wore a black dress and red boots with two swords tied to my back.
I started building the puzzle, then I turned to the instruction.

But I didn’t understand the instructions so I asked for some help from MeMe.
We had a great time!

Week 31: Night ZooKeeper:Can you invent a magical animal that could live in the pink lake or animal hospital and tell us all about them?

The fire lioness

In the animal hospital there is a sunset coloured lion with nine beautiful tails
with burning flames at the end, and hot pink eyes sparkling.
She also has orange fading to hot pink wings with gold arrows on her thighs and shoulders.
Her paws are hot pink and her muzzle and jaw is hot pink as well.
She even has a hot pink chest and belly.
She wears a beautiful gold solid necklace with a hot pink stone fixed in the middle.
She was in the hospital because she had badly damaged a wing.
She wears a hot pink flower chain on her head.
Her name is Sunset Shimmer.

Week 30: …..”when did it arrive?” I said

The candy wolf
It was an exciting day for me. Flossy, the candy wolf was going to get picked up by my friend, Misty the mint chocolate wolf.
Misty has just bought a new van which smelt like mint and was the colour mint.
“When will she arrive?’’ I say excitedly.
Even though I have a beautiful pink coat which looks like candy floss,
and peppermint white wings with a waffle bow on the right ear,
since I have wings I could fly.
But, I couldn’t fly because I had to go to the hospital because I broke a wing.
My mint eyes twinkled when I heard a beep beep sound… it’s Misty!
As soon as I jumped in the van “When did it  arrive?” I said.
“You mean the van?” Misty said in a small voice.

“Yeah,” I said. “Let’s go”I said.

Week 29: shouted, grave, crimson, frantically, misty

It was a misty day at Dolphin Cove and all the crimson-coloured dolphins were gathered in a circle huddling all the babies.
In the middle of the curvy circle I was adored by the smooth dolphins.
Suddenly there on the far left side of the amethyst ocean was a cave, a dark grave cave.
I then heard shouting.
“Someone help! Please help the pink dolphins!”shouted the girl frantically and hopefully.
I ran with my black hair dancing wildly in the cool breeze.
Hours of running passed and there was 1 minute left.
“Huff! Huff!’I panted. The sound was repeating again but it was louder this time…
“Help, please!”

1 minute passed and I was in the grave. I saw the little girl. She was crying loudly.
Then my eyes moved onto the beautiful pink shiny dolphins with a gold swirl on each fin with white bellies and jaws.
After taking the dolphins out into the amethyst ocean with the others today’s mission is DONE!