Sunday, 29 April 2018

Harrison's Writing

Week 33:

Once upon a time in  the United Kingdom there was a durian tree outside Buckingham Palace.
When tourists came by they shouted “What is that smell?!”
One day a man who came and saw the durian tree and said SUPPER TIME,”
Then he bit into the durian and he chipped his tooth …
“OUCH! That hurts!” he screeched.
His yell caught attention of the Queen and she said
“What have you done to my durian tree?”

It was later found out that the man was actually a North Korean citizen
that looked like a British citizen.Then he was imprisoned.

Week 32: …but I didn’t understand the instructions…

It was a sunny day in town and some sheep bought ice-cream.
Nearby was a school that was practicing their skills to make paper airplanes
and the teacher went cross  and said, “This is not a paper airplane.”
“But I didn’t understand the instructions,” the child stammered.
Then another child said, “Look, there are some sheep with ice-cream!”
“SILENCE!” yelled the teacher.
But the children didn’t listen.
After an hour of screeching and disturbing racket an immense boy
who was very lackadaisical said,”I am invincible!”
Then a phenomenon happened … a volcano eruption!

Then someone said “What a phenomenon!”

Week 31: Night ZooKeeper:Can you invent a magical animal
that could live in the pink lake or animal hospital and tell us all about them?

There was a magical land underwater off the coast of Sao Tome and Principe
where a  magical flock of sheep lived in a pink crater lake underwater .
The sheep were made of sebum powder and their only diet was pad thai noodles.
The people of Sao Tome and Principe hunted them after they discovered them .
There were millions of these sheep and they went a shade of pink when they swam in  the lake.
They lived in the Atlantic Ocean.

When storms came they hid in the lake for safety and shelter.  
Years later they would eventually become completely extinct.

Week 30: …..”when did it arrive?” I said
It was a creepy night and there were murderers that were hiding, holding  knives,
waiting for someone to walk past so they could throw knives into them.
I was watching  from far away. Then octogenarians walked past and the murderers threw knives at them.
But they jumped away.
The knives bounced off a mirror.
The murderers got  knives inside their necks and fell down dead.
The octogenarians saw me and said they knew about the murderers
and the murderers purchased knives by post one by one but they got the parcel full of knives .

“When did it arrive?’’ I said.

Week 29 shouted, grave, crimson, frantically, misty

It was a misty night and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg
and Gotha was going to bed unaware of what would happen the next day.

Lord George Hanover visited the country the next day.
There was a thunderstorm.
A gunfire was heard and it was a murderer.
And then they went to the foyer and Albert shouted,
‘Hey! Put down that gun.”
But then he fired the gun and it hit Hanover in the neck.
Crimson blood spurted out of his neck. Albert ran around frantically but was shot.
When Victoria came home she immediately made a grave for them.

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