Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hailey's Writing

Thursday 14 April 2016
Week 13#    “...but the spot just grew and grew…”
Tales of Suspense…

Dun. Dun. Dun...

The noise of cursed drums came rolling in the air. Screams and cries of people could be heard for miles. Blood-stained skies with smoke everywhere. This was it. The very thing Zezmena wanted. For her to smash all the planets together. But not on my watch.   Tonight she thinks her dreams will come true. But I’m not giving up hope. I’m going to fight back, whatever happens. I’ll get Spindale whom I’ve trusted for many years. Just as soon as I… Thump!

When I awoke, the nurses told me what had happened. Zezmena had casted the sleep spell over me. When I looked at my back in the mirror, I saw a tiny dot. Huh. Then it began to grow. “Stop!” I yelled at the dot, but the spot just grew and grew....

Thursday 24 March
Challenge 12

“Lie, Row, Fly, Chips, Sweet”.

Under a lot of tension, I worked my way down, nervous sweat rolling down my forehead. I didn’t want to lie, so I kept going. Suddenly, a creature which I’m sure had never been found before, came close, singing, “Row, row, row” and then it seemed to fly away!
Then chips started attacking me from all sides; I was out-numbered.
This would have been sweet, except for the fact that I had no idea where I was.
Thud, thud, thud… what was that???? Uh, oh… walls started to close around me.
I felt a tingly sensation as I felt around for sturdy ground, if there was any.
As soon as I reached out… I realised I couldn’t breathe… was this the end?

by Hailey

Challenge 11

"...when the connection broke..."


The cage broke open, just suddenly, it happened. I was standing right there when the connection broke. Then the lights went out. I heard a high-pitched scream, then came a crash! Thunder rolled in through the door, and… well, I don’t know what happened next because it went silent. Too silent… that could only mean one thing… something bad just happened. I couldn’t tell what, but whatever it was, it was serious. Suddenly, I heard someone yell in rather a sluggish voice, “why???!!!”  I ran straight to the vague sound, and felt a cold, arm. I grabbed it, and heard a groan. Then the lights flickered on, and I realised that I was holding the arm of a…

by Hailey

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Gary's Writing


Challenge 13 ...but the spot grew and grew…

Hello. I am called Freddy Rodgers and I am walking on the rocky path in a park. Then I saw something I never saw before. There was a forest with the sign DO NOT ENTER with a scratch on it.
Who cares! I thought. The I went inside.
It was a creepy old forest with the smell of decaying meat.
Then I realised that my special pendant was lost! I looked around on the grass when something pricked my arm. I lifted my hand to see blood trickling down my arm.
Well I guess I’ll have to search later, I thought.
A while later, a spot appeared on my arm. Soon it enlarged to twice it’s size! I tried antidote but the spot grew and grew. An hour later, It grew the size of an egg. Then it hatched! A little mode of me was there when it had another spot...

24.3.16    Challenge 12            Lie, row, sweet, chips, fly

 George said a lie. He said that he doesn't want chips but he did. He lined up in the row but he didn’t understand why. Then he saw, ‘Andrew’s Magical Chips’! Only 10 more packets in the world! So that is why… A few minutes later, George bought one .The packet name was called Flying Chips!
Hmmm.. George thought for a moment. Could he really fly?
Then he ate one. It tasted sweet.  But he felt nothing. Then another one.Then another one.Then another one.
“Of course it would do nothing!” George said out loud. But then he saw something on the packet that caught his eye.
It read, Clap your hands 10 times. Then you shall truly fly.
So George clapped his hands 10 times. Then something  amazing happened.
He started to levitate! He could fly!!!

by Gary

Challenge 11

"...when the connection broke...."

The Beast

At the show there was a short man wearing a tuxedo. Then the curtains unveiled and showed a cage.The man said “And I present to you… The lionbeast!!”
The “Lionbeast” was  kind of lion and crocodile mixed together.
The man said, “I have put Lion DNA in crocodile DNA. This is what it looks like!”
But then something happened. When the connection broke it opened the cage. Then something like a gurgling roar cried out.
“Everyone this was part of the show.”
But then it changed into another thing. It turned into  a… Rabbit? The crowd went wild! But the man said “No.No.No”
Then he changed into a Crocodile...

by Gary

Asjad's Writing

14/4/16 Challenge 13    …..but the spot just grew and grew...
The Spot

Hard to believe I was once a little girl and when I was little something happened to me that I didn't want to say until today.
In a tiny apartment a little girl was walking, minding her own business, when out of the blue in the corridor there was a tiny black spot. But she took no notice and walked away. For days, and weeks, and years it was there. But the spot just grew and grew until the girl looked down in the spot and it almost looked as if it was a hole ...she fell in. She was falling till she hit a cold bottom as she looked around she heard a deafening screech of a lady then footsteps… a cold hand reached for her shoulder with red blood dripping down the arm...AAAAAHHHHHH!!!

24/3/16 Challenge 12 Lie, row, sweet, chips, fly

Hi I’m Leo. My mum, dad and I recently embarked on a journey around the world with our trusty boat called Galloy. For a year now we have been out at sea and have been passed 25 whole countries . We are now on our way to India...and's taking ages!
“Sweetie, did you do your homework?”
I had to lie. I was sooo hungry, and I just could not do it.    
”Yes Mum,” I said. On the boat we only had a few sweets and a packet of chips. On the side of the boat was a row of seagulls, then suddenly they swooped down and grabbed the packet of chips from my hand.
As I watched my only decent food fly away...I was truly miserable...but then I saw shore.

But I soon realised it was something else…

by Asjad

"......when the connection broke...."

The Connection

It was a stormy night in London. In flat 13, George was 21 years old who lived there. As soon as he got settled down he took off his shoes and started to make his dinner which was just baked beans from a can. They had a sale at his local dairy and he took an opportunity to get a bargain for his beloved beans...Then suddenly he heard the phone ring and picked it up.
A mysterious voice started to talk…”Meet me at the back of your complex next to the rubbish bin. If you don't... you will never see the light of day again.”
When the connection broke he felt panicked and his lights started to flicker...Who was it and what did he want?...

by Asjad

Grace's Writing

14 / 04 / 2016   Challenge 13  ...but the spot just grew and grew…

Exploding Spot

I was watching my favourite program when an ad came on. It was about Wonka’s new gobstopper, called the spot. It looked delicious. I had to have one!!

I grabbed some money and sprinted down the road. The line was already huge.
It took ages to get to the front. Eventually I got there. I bought my spot and popped it in my mouth. I sucked for a while and expected it to get smaller, but the spot just grew and grew. It was getting too big for my mouth. I felt like I was going to explode!! Suddenly…. POP!! My mouth was empty!! The spot had disappeared!!

24 / 03 / 2016
Challenge 12 Lie, row, sweet, chips, fly

Camp Yuck!

Today my group is doing rowing. The camp’s boats were not up to scratch. ‘I am not getting in.’ I thought. The instructor persuaded me with chips. “Sweet!” I agree.

We row slowly down the river. The wind howls and pushes against us. It is not easy. We eventually turn around. Unfortunately the wind decides to annoy us. It also turns around and blows harder.  

When we get back to camp I open my chips. I get ready for the burst of delicious flavour… but I get the most disgusting taste ever! I look at the chips and find that they are mouldy.
“Mmmm. Yum!” I lie.
‘I really wish that I could fly away!’ I think to myself.

by Grace

Challenge 11

"....when the connection broke..."

A Normal Night at Home

I was sitting at home doing my VIH (very important homework) on my laptop, when the connection broke. The wifi went down. The lights went out. I sat stone still on the couch. I heard my little sister scream. My parents went to find a torch. My little sister scuttled over and snuggled up beside me.

When my parents came back with a torch they said that it was bed time. It felt as if some dark, evil creature was creeping up behind you.

The thing is this power cut couldn’t just happen out of the blue...

by Grace

Keren's Writing

Challenge #13...but the spot just grew and grew…

It was a generally normal day in the city of Uri. My brother Stan was once again sleeping in. But this time it was different. Something was wrong. It was three in the afternoon. I gingerly turned the knob and entered my brother’s room.
I saw him lying in bed, groaning. I saw a small purple dot on my brother’s forehead. Oh no! I had read about this in a book. It was Dotacitis! The symptoms were: a fever, headache and a continuously growing spot on their body.
I bent down next to Stan. It was growing alright.

I went to get the medicine to treat Dotacitis. I poured it into his mouth. But the spot just grew and grew. Maybe it wasn’t Dotacitis. But what else could it be?

Challenge #12
Lie, Row, Fly, Chips, Sweet

Prison Escape

I was stuck in this horrible prison. For nothing. Well, it did cause a lot of trouble. Here’s the story:
I was sitting in a cricket stadium in the back row. But I could see everything. And I was watching my favourite team win. Sweet!
I watched the ball fly, almost out of the arena. And it hit me! Right in the stomach. My chips flew everywhere!
“What was that for!!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. “Grrrrr!!!!”
I picked up the ball and threw it as hard as I could.
“Uh oh,” I said as it hit the referee unconscious. Everyone looked at me.
“I didn’t do it,” I said.
I couldn’t lie very well. So the police found out and I got arrested.

by Keren

Week 11 Challenge

"....when the connection broke...."

The Tree of Desire

Welcome to my home town: Treehaven. It is usually at peace. But recently, the Storm Witch planted the Tree of Desire in our town square and now all the people are acting very selfishly.
It was up to me to save Treehaven. I wasn’t affected because I was born with a tree tattoo on my shoulder, which makes me immune to these things.

I had to connect a wire into the tree, with the other end attached to my tattoo. It was going to hurt, a lot. I jabbed the wire into the tree. I could feel the pain in my chest but I kept pushing. Then it stopped suddenly. Oh no! I was losing connection to the tree! When the connection broke, it went dark. Was this the end?

by Keren

Week 10 Challenge

The Legend of the Terrible President

Once upon a time, a young man became president. He wasn’t trained at all. He was just chosen because that was his destiny. He was a terrible president.

One day, while the young man was sitting down outside eating a doughnut, two chinese men came over to him.
“You have been a disgrace,” said one of the men.
“As if I care,” argued the president.
They started an argument.

A magician saw the men and how rude they were being. He cast a spell on them that turned them to stone.

Every Chinese New Year they come back to life and keep arguing.

People believe that if you be rude to one another, the magician will turn you to stone.

by Keren

Olivia's Writing

Challenge 12 Lie, row, sweet, chips, fly

Rowing 🚣

I lie flat faced down on my silk duvet. Max jumps onto my bed sending his slobber all down my used-to-be clean face. I plop a couple of chips in my mouth, loving that sweet sensation of sour cream and chives. “Mmmmm!” I say to myself. Max knows where we have to go.
My legs pick me up and start pulling me towards my suitcase. I drag my rugged suitcase to the door, pulling Max by his torn leash. We take a plane and fly to Rio for the Olympics.
“Let’s get ready to row,I tell Max.

Challenge 11

"....when the connection broke..."

Power Poles

The night was dim. Beautiful and graceful, the orangey pink sunset fades to a calm and light sapphire blue shade. My droopy eyelids are sleepy and ready for a nap. But I can’t. My long legs stretch across the couch like a cat ready to sleep, I’m not ready. Cooper hops on the couch and cuddles beside me with his sticky, slobbery toy. All of a sudden my kitchen light starts flashing. I stumble over a chair leg as I get up to check it out. The power poles outside start shaking, sending electricity everywhere. I check my phone, the connection is not coming up. When the connection broke I instantly knew who it was...

by Olivia

Phoebe's Writing

Challenge 13: 14.04.2016 ( but the spot just grew and grew )

The Spot on the Wall        

I’ve always wanted to repaint my bedroom wall. There was a huge spot on one of the four walls. A big, black spot. I don’t even know how it got there, only that one day when I returned from school it was just there like it had always been there. I’ve tried to get rid of it, but the spot just grew and grew the more I tried to get rid of it. If I paint over it, mum would probably find out and then i’ll be in trouble. Oh well, it’ll be worth it. I planned to paint over it tomorrow, when mum was still at work.

24/03/2016  (lie, row, fly, chips, sweet)

Making Wings

I didn’t want to lie, but I had no choice.
I was in the front row of the cinemas with high-quality popcorn and my boss wanted me to invent the first pair of wings that could actually fly without fail. I knew I had to leave the cinemas so I took one last look at the screen and headed for the door. I returned to my secret underground laboratory and grabbed a packet of my favourite chips.
I started to draw a diagram of how the wings would work. I had the plan all ready. Sweet, I thought, when I finally finished and searched for the materials.

"...when the connection broke...."

The Broken Connection

I was walking along the pavement when the connection broke (I didn’t know that this had happened then). It was nearly midnight and it was pouring. The rain went splat on my raincoat. I stepped in the car and drove to my house as the car moaned. I parked the car in the garage and got outside. The wooden gate creaked as it revealed a stone path. I grabbed the key from my coat pocket and turned it to open the door. I took my shoes off and waited for my eyes to adjust before I stepped inside. My hand immediately reached for the light and waited for the brightness to flicker on. I waited… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… it usually didn’t take this long for the light to come on so I knew something had gone wrong….

by Phoebe

Yasemin's Writing

14/4/16 : CHallenge 13    “…..but the spot just grew and grew….”

The  Spot

I just stood there stunned! It was a spot growing.
Wait, growing? How could a spot grow?  I mean that is virtually impossible right?
Suddenly I heard a groan.  I looked down, …  it was the spot. But it had moved. It had started to take human form, but it was slow. That was good. I could run away and get help.  But then I heard something.
“Michael” cried something or someone in a deep gloomy voice. I looked around me and called out “Yeah” in a scared voice.
Everything fell silent. The hairs on my back started to stand up. I turned around and then I screamed! I screamed as loud as I could for the spot to go away. But the spot just grew and grew…

24/3/16 Challenge 12 Lie, row, sweet, chips, fly

The Waitress

Woohoo!!! I was flying; flying a plane! I was following my lifelong dream; flying people all around the world from Australia to Turkey.
Once I had landed the plane in Kuala Lumpur I set off in search of something to eat. I found some delicious foods but I wanted chips and something sweet. Finally I found what I was looking for at a cafe near the airport. A waitress came up to me asking if I needed anything. I replied and she took a step forward and stared at me with beady black eyes. She asked me once again and I stuttered and said “ Row… raw meat thank you.”
Finally she left and I started to wonder if she’d been playing with me and had tried to lie to me.

by Yasemine

Challenge 11

"....when the connection broke...."

The Shipment

“What? You didn’t do it!”
“Why not!!! Why didn’t you do it? My life is on the line here! I need the shipment today or the authorities will be onto me and I don’t want to be caught using the Mafia!”
“I’m so sorry sir”.
“Well you should be!”
“You have until sunrise tomorrow to have it here at my doorstep. No excuses!”
“That’s not enough ti…”
I’d lost the connection. I was furious, I wanted to break something in half.. Ten minutes later my colleague came in with some devastating news.
“Yes Carl. What is it?”
“Sir I was on the phone with Mr Sharkovsky and he was telling me that the shipment couldn’t be done until next week. I argued with him but when the connection broke I thought I should inform you…”

by Yasemin