Sunday, 13 November 2016

Tristan's Writing

Week 14 - I turn around it changed shape…

The other day I was trotting down a London alleyway when I came across an old fashion door built into the wall. As I walked closer I saw through the doorway into an empty victorian London street! Suddenly my curiosity got the better of me as I walked through the doorway into the victorian age. Suddenly I realised something was wrong, I wasn’t supposed to be here. No, of course I’m not supposed to be here I told myself. suddenly I saw my first sign of life, if you could call it life, it was a weird looking robotic blob. As I turned around (to run back to modern London) it changed shape into a hideous creature and chased me all the way back to modern London. Suddenly I realised that the beast had stopped chasing me but little did I know I had unleashed an ancient beast that would terrorise the world.

Week 13 - wide, orange, crocodile, within, collapsed

Day 1
As I hike through the horrible swamps of this even more horrid planet, I regret ever coming on this stupid expedition. Suddenly I hear a loud growl and from out of the shadows within the collapsed ancient temple of the moon god Ramun comes a giant orange crocodile with a tail as wide as an airbus A380. As I ran back to camp the crocodile pursued me all the way!
Day 2
When I wake up to a miserable new day I hear a growling noise. Suddenly the crocodile that was stalking me the day before burst into my tent and ate me!
Day 3
I still can’t believe the crocodile ate me without biting me. At the moment I am in the crocodile's stomach and have approximately two minutes until I am pooped out.

Week 11 - Message from Space

Greetings humans of earth! I hate to inform you that #4674, our home planet has become a barren wasteland because we ohbots have never stopped littering, burning gasoline and diesel and chopping trees down.I tell you this as a warning: if you earthlings carry on polluting earth, earth will become a barren wasteland like our #4674.
So please don’t pollute any more and start recycling in case we make a ohbot colony because we don’t want to live on a horrible planet in the future. I must admit it will be bad enough living amongst you earthlings.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Logan's Writing

As I turn around it changed shape

Christmas catastrophe

It's now christmas day and the whole family was sitting round the christmas tree waiting to open the presents. But first we need to have breakfast, with mince pies and turkey  viciously trying to persuade me not to eat them. As we sit down every one digs into the meal as I try to guess what's in my presents. Then mum says “Come and have something to eat darling.”

As I turned  around it changed shape. It was one of the presents and it was one of mine. It turned from a box into a gigantic circle. Mum said “ What did we get Logan for christmas?”

Week 12 - The legs

“Sir, sir the legs are ready,” I said
“I'm coming now,” said the master.
“I hope the legs are good enough for my master,” I muttered. “If not, I won’t be home for dinner.”
I put the new legs in the pot as I heard the thumping of my master coming down the steps.
I quickly stirred the pot with the legs in and poured the spices in.

The master came in the room and tried my marvelous creation. My head was thinking weird things at that moment. The creation is...

5 Sentence Challenge: Week 5 - Fireworks

Boom crackle pop. Fireworks are such fun colourful explosions that light up the night but sadly kill a lot of innocent people. Fireworks are normally lit on Guy Fawkes day and I personally think it is the most colourful day of the year. When the fireworks go up in the air you get deafened by the sound of them screaming for their worthless lives. Boom, boom, boom and that's a firework for you.

Grace Lee's Writing

Week 28 The Secret Stone Wall
The soldiers were coming. My mum packed a bag with a water bottle and a snack. I stuffed my bag with clothes and I dropped a few coins in my pocket. I could hear the guns firing. I could hear my dad moaning from being shot. He shouted “Whatever you hear don’t look back. The letter is in the other side of the stone….” A tear rolled down my mum’s face. We knew it would be our last time seeing him. I knew where to go. I raced upstairs with my mum. I saw the old, stone wall. Then I walked through the wall with my mum and disappeared.

By: Grace Lee

Week 26- ...But How Can Someone so Tiny...

BARK! I was walking down to our local park. There was a loaf of bread lying on the grass and my dog straight away gobbled it up. Then my dog turned to a mouse! The mouse started shouting at me. It was so shocking that a mouse with a tiny mouth had a bigger voice than me. It threatened me to bring some food. I got some cheese and threw it on the ground. But how can something so tiny threaten me like that? Once he gobbled up the cheese he turned back into a small, fluffy puppy.

By: Grace Lee

Week 25 - So That’s Why I Am Always Last

I was at the airport waiting for the plane that would take me to London. I was so bored and the line had at least 200  people standing in it. So I told my sister to save our spot while I get a frappiccino for both of us. She was texting her friends and she nodded. When I came back she wasn’t in line. I quickly scanned the area and spotted my sister reading a magazine. Now we had to go all the way to the back of the line.

So that is why I am always last.

13 Wide, Orange, Crocodile, Within, Collapsed

I had no idea where I was. I was just somewhere out there.  Someone was not going to find me within ten minutes. I had a meeting soon. As I walked I heard sounds of lions, snakes, bears and even crocodiles.  I saw a wide rock near the river. I sat down on the bumpy rock.  I saw a tree… It had oranges growing on it. I came back and prayed on the rock. I opened  my eyes and saw that my orange was gone! A crocodile was  in front of me. I collapsed in terror. The next thing I knew was that I was at a hospital.

Wk12 Pattern Pot of Bloody Legs
In the middle of the Garden of sculptures, an immense sculpture stands proudly on a large black, rectangle slab. But there are stories behind this eerie sculpture.
In 1568 a man called Greg Archer made a pot with his dear wife Scarlett .
Mr Archer was molding the clay, Mrs Archer was working on designs. After two years, the pot had been made.
AAAARRRGGHGH! A spine-chilling monster chomped off the legs of Mr and Mrs Archer. The monster put the legs in the pot. AARRGH! He bit off the children’s legs. The monster is still alive. He’s looking for more victims and the next victim could be… YOU!

By: Grace

Greeting Humans of Earth

Hello I am Ohbot Peaky and today I have a very important announcement to announce. The Peaky family has been around space for years. But nobody has ever noticed us. Nobody is invisible, we all are living creatures. Don’t just ignore somebody just because they are different. Just because I am a robot, people should not ignore me and my family. Do you think we have contagious diseases? NO! We are all the same and nobody should mistreat anybody by their race and appearance because we all are the same. We need to start right now!

By: Grace

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

George's Writing

Week 28 ¨...Picture Prompt...¨
The Morphing Wall

Why would someone I’ve trusted for all my life, why would he, kill her?
I turned away from my finished wife, and walked out of the morphing wall. The pistol on the floor, the blood dripping into a puddle onto the hard grey ground said it all.
I looked through the flamed down city, desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the murderer. Why I’m here right now, I don’t know. I should be up in heaven with my only love.
I turn back and fall, hoping to reach my death. I see white.

I didn’t deserve my life anyway.

Week 27 “...Hard, Beautiful, Brown, Worried, Camera”
Falling, ferociously, surging through the air.
Worried, worried that i’d die from the impact.
Not so beautiful water, welcoming me to the murky brown depths.
Time ticking, until I hit my hard ending.
My camera, urging to get out of my pocket.
Waving my limbs frantically.
I look up.
I see the reason for my near death.
My bike, hanging off a branch.
I shouldn't've put faith in my biking ability.
Readying myself for when the time comes.
Suddenly, the branch holding my bike snaps.
Great! My death is taking the shorter route.
There is a deafening splash.

My Death.

`Week 26”...But How Could Something  So Tiny…”

“...Personal Challenge: Punctuation Challenge… ? ! … ,  “

Why the smallest?

I, AM, UNHAPPY!!!” I  shout at the top of my voice. I might have startled the next door neighbours. But do you know what? I, DON’T, CARE!
Do you want to hear exactly what happened? I know your inner rage will come out.
MY MUMMY BOUGHT THE SMALLEST GUINEA PIG!!!! And how could things get any worse. Oh, I know, she called him Winnie.
But seriously,  how could something so annoyingly, excruciatingly tiny be real. My Mum said he weighed in at 2 kgs, 10x10 cm. I try my hardest to throw it into the bin.
It never, ever, works.

Week 25 “So that is why I’m always last”

I’m Unlucky

[The Gym, 467th day of school}
“Jason Kalen, step up to play. You too, Geton Lion, Nathan Londey, Oh and, unlucky last, Folan Gaelyn”

Uh! Last again, like how I’m last in everything. No surprise though. Funny story actually. When I was born, my Mum said I’d be the luckiest kid in the whole wide word. Not too believable if you ask me. Anyway, why you ask, am I always last?  Simple answer. It’s called Last Syndrome. Therefore, I’m the unluckiest kid in the world, being the only one diagnosed with last syndrome. So that’s why I’m always last.

Week 14 “As I Turned Around It Changed Shape

I heard gravel scattering away from my feet. I felt the wind rush against me, making it feel like I was on a treadmill. The narrow gravel road, seemed to get narrower.
I wasn’t looking ahead and crashed into a tree. As I turned around It changed shape. The  gravel road changed shape.
What stood before me was fantasy, it had to be. What stood before me, jaws wide open, was a grey lion head, obviously made out of the gravel path.

“Why have you trespassed in my land?”

I waited, trying to be still.

The lion head engulfed me...

Week 13 “Wide, Orange, Crocodile, Within, Collapsed
The Horrible Zoo

“What a beautiful day to go to the zoo” Mum said “We only live a block away.”
Dad wasn’t keen “Haven’t you heard the news? Just recently, the whole orangutan enclosure collapsed. All orangutans within the enclosure either died, or had serious injuries”
“All the better to inspect” stated Mum.
So we hopped into the car.
Minutes passed by as we got closer.
And there, just a few metres away were the wide open gates of the zoo.
As we passed the crocodile enclosure, we did not see the orange sign saying STAY OUT.
There was a flash of light…

Week 12 “Picture Prompt”

“This exact sculpture was made here in Hawaii. Based on the ancient Hawaiian tiki, Mika, this sculpture represents how Mika ruled Honolulu, and would have done whatever it takes to become powerful enough to rule the whole Hawaiian island.”

“Mum! Dad! Check this out!” I exclaimed.
Mum and Dad slumped over to where the sculpture was.
“What is it, son?” Dad muttered in a monotonous voice.
“It’s this Dad. This Tiki. It’s said that its spirit is right here, in Hawaii!”
“Don’t believe in myths, son. They’re never true”

Then, out of a bush, a transparent figure jumped into view...

Week 11” Greetings Humans of Earth”

“Gweetings, Humans of earht”
“I come to save you world from a dreedful spreading Hobbie; Strete fites”
“Miy name iss peaky”
“I cum fom ta plant Marss”
“Me firs weason iss dat you wil get injured”
“You is Looking confuddled”
“You may no undustand mey, bute you shall here this speeche”
“Miy second weason is that people dat fite hav no bwains”
“I know dis may offend you peoples but it iss twu”
“My fird weason iss dat it wil encorage yonger generationss to fite like deir daddies”
“I canno imagine a world like dis, fiteing daily”


Week 24 “...Alcatraz…”

Here I am, lifeless in Alcatraz.
They don’t care about anyone, they’re just ruthless.
They serve us rotten squirrel for breakfast and sewer polluted squid for lunch.
I know I shouldn't have robbed a bank, it’’s just we couldn’t afford anything.
This isn’t ideal, this place, full of orange coated criminals.
Why can’t they just be nice?
I can imagine my wife and son worried, just because of me.
It’s like I’m below everyone else.
I don’t expect for the next month I'm here, the police will treat me different.
I wish I was Jack Shepard, able to escape.

By George

Week 22 “...Violin, Eaten, Yellow, Airplane, Swept…”
The Long Trip

“You ready to go mate?” My dad says, excited.
“Got my violin, football, and clothes”
“Have you eaten your breakfast?” he said, “because my new yellow car needs a test drive”.
My Mum comes into the room. “You ready to hit the road?”
“No” I said sarcastically.
Dad returns to his speech “Ready for anything, especially an airplane.
My lazy older brother swept a cup off the bench. “Are we there yet?”  
“We haven’t left yet” I exclaimed.
We hopped into the car and left.
Once we got there we hopped in the airplane and prepared for the long trip.

By George

Week 17 “...Stairway to sky…”
Witnessing Death

Me and my friend James are diving off the boat dock when I hear a brutal splash. I look around and see a flash of a shark, then board shorts. I knew a shark had taken James. I dived down but it was too late. James was gone.
I had forgotten that I was in shark infested water. I quickly hop out of the water but fall off of the dock backwards. I feel my head bang against something very soft.
I close my eyes assuming I was in the shark infested water. I open my eyes and around me were hand rails. I stand up. I walk up this soft stone staircase. The Stairway to the Sky.

By George

Week 16 “...Suddenly…”  
The Biker Burst

I’m walking around the neighbourhood when suddenly a group of bikers pull up in front of me. One of them walks forward.
“They call me Ol’biker, I’m the leader of this club, the Biker Burst” he says pulling out a shotgun. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this, I’ve never found a kid like you” and then, out of nowhere, there’s a deafening gunshot.
I can’t see Ol’biker or his Biker Burst club, only bare smoke and dust. I turn around and see my Mum, shotgun in hand. I run over and give her a  gentle hug. “We won’t be seeing them anymore!”.

By George